Superintendent's Message

November 2019


Dear Alta Vista Learning Community,


            I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for visiting our website, and we are very proud of the progress we are making here at Alta Vista Elementary. We are fortunate to have a tremendously talented and experienced instructional staff delivering an appropriate standards- based education to our students. When the students leave Alta Vista and promote to high school, they possess the requisite skills to be successful in their secondary and postsecondary experience, thus demonstrating their independence, their love of learning, their sense of community, and how to respectfully interact with others. It is a great place to learn, and we are proud of our community, our history, our traditions, and we strive to offer a small school experience that reflects the diverse needs of our community.


            The State of California is constantly changing our course, and we are looking at many new expectations as we continue our improvement process. A major focus is to include our community members as active participants in our future planning process. In this spirit, we invite you to participate in our stakeholder activities, which include the School Site Council, the LCAP Advisory Committee, and our Safety Committee to name a few. We will continue to offer our traditional parent activities that are more popular than ever and of course we invite you to visit at any time.


            These are exciting times for Alta Vista and new construction is just around the corner to replace and improve some of our older facilities. We would love to have  your voice heard in the planning process, and your participation is the center of our future progress. We welcome you to join us as we prepare for a new direction! Please feel free to contact me at 559-782-5700 at any time.



Sincerely yours,



Dr. Robert M. Hudson



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