Dear Alta Vista Community,


I hope each of you is well, and I know that we all have been wondering what Alta Vista School is going to do in regards to opening school. We finally received direction from the State and are working hard to meet these requirements so we can at some point open our schools to daily use throughout Tulare County. Our county currently has a high percentage of Covid-19 cases and sadly, we are unable to open to face to face instruction. We monitor the data daily, and once Tulare County meets the requirements, we will move towards opening the school. So until that time, we will be opening school with an online format. This presents many challenges that we need to address, and I have listed them here:


It is critical that our staff receive the proper training in the area of online instruction. Therefore, we are making arrangements for a two week training session to enhance the student experience. This will require that we open school two weeks later. Therefore, the first day of school will be Thursday August 27, 2020. We will be reducing Winter Break to two weeks and extending the school year by one week. New calendars will be sent home with all due haste.