Dear Alta Vista Community,

We wanted to bring you up to date with the most recent information we have today regarding the recent Covid-19 case we had here on campus, which resulted in us suspending all services while we investigate with the help of the Tulare County Health Department. Here are the points of interest:

1. Once we contacted the health department, staff reviewed all of the video footage to see if we could find other possible contacts outside of the ones reported. The good news is that contact with others was very limited due to the plan we have in place, and we were able to keep the virus isolated for the most part. Once those potential contacts are identified, they will be referred to their primary care providers for possible testing as recommended by their physician.

2. All possible contacts are being referred to the Health Department to assist their investigation, and they will make the determination once they have all of the information. This is a long process and is not limited to just the school, all possible contacts outside of the school will need follow up as well.

3. Since we do not know the extent of the contacts on site, we took the precaution of closing the entire school to ensure the safety of the learning community. Though this is difficult in many ways, we are thankful students are not on campus at this time, and that the situation is isolated to a much smaller population than we would normally find.