Hair Cuts Recipients and Barbers

[East Porterville, CA December 14, 2021 – Alta Vista Elementary School] – Nothing encourages educators, students, and families in our community more than seeing, and in this case, benefiting from the successes of Alta Vista’s alumni. The week before winter break fifteen students at Alta Vista received donated haircuts of their choice from a former student who started his own barbering business in 2017.

Luis Solis attended Alta Vista in his youth. As a member of Porterville’s business community, Mr. Solis emphasized his interest in giving back to where he grew up. With that ambition, Mr. Solis worked with Alta Vista to come up with a way that he could support the community of his upbringing.

Along with Mr. Solis, Carlos Madrigal and Dimas Jimenez Jr. also donated their day to support Alta Vista’s students. Their gesture was appreciated by parents and students alike. During the holidays, and especially during the pandemic, every little bit of support helps. Haircuts can be expensive, and the donation of haircuts came at a perfect time.

It may be surprising to some that students really get energized connecting with our business and community members. “The staff and students have an eagerness to know about our community members, especially when they learn that it is possible for anybody to seek opportunity, set goals, and working diligently to achieve them,” said Superintendent Brandon Chiapa. Mr. Solis and his team provided that example to our students and it takes a special kind of person to want to give in such a way. Porterville is full of these shining examples, and we are thankful for them.

Alta Vista Elementary always enjoys the special relationships we have with businesses, charity organizations, and community members. If you are interested in partnering with Alta Vista to build your community connection to East Porterville, we are always interested in making friends to support student learning.

Thank you to the Gentleman’s Club Barbershop located 356 S. Main Street in Porterville.