Alta Vista was on lockdown today beginning at 9:32 AM and remained on lockdown until 10:12 AM.  Administration was notified about a Snapchat post indicating gang related shootings that could affect the schools in nearby areas. As a precaution and out of great concern for the families and students in the Alta Vista community, the Superintendent authorized a lockdown to ensure the safety of everyone on Alta Vista's campus. The Tulare County Sheriff's Department responded to our call rapidly by sending several units to patrol the surrounding area and connect with school officials. After our conversation about the facts and initial investigation, it was determined that Alta Vista was not directly in harm's way. Therefore, the Superintendent lifted the lockdown order. At this time, the campus is deemed safe and free from threat. However, the Sheriff's department will continue to patrol the area and has asked that school officials keep an eye out for suspicious activity related to today's social media postings. As always, the Administration will address the specifics of the incident today during the next Parent Night meeting.